Welcome to my portfolio

My name is Hussein Dari. I'm a professional level designer and currently working for Crytek GmbH as Lead Level Designer.

Responsible for prototyping and designing 3D level layouts and gameplay features in video games, also designing and maintaining production methods, tools and engine features for the design team.

In addition as lead, responsible to direct, instruct and guide a team for the purpose of achieving a key result.

I worked on a variety of projects (including 1st person, 3rd person, mobile and free-to-play games) in a combination of design, level design, environment art and technical-design role for publishers like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Microsoft Games, Sony, etc.

Software experience

Sandbox (CryEngine)
Unreal Development Kit (Unreal Engine 3)
WorldCraft / Valve Hammer Editor (Source Engine)
GalaxyMap Editor (StarCraft 2 Engine)

Autodesk 3DS Max (Modeling, Whitebox)
Audodesk Maya (Modeling, Whitebox)
Adobe Photoshop (Texturing)
Crazy Bump (Normal Maps)

Perforce (Source Control Management)
Alienbrain (Source Control Management)

Xbox 360 Development Kit (SDK)
PS3 Development Kit (SDK)
Xbox One Development Kit (SDK)
PS4 Development Kit (SDK)

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